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 Welcome to the Cheap Survival Food Storage website. The companies listed are either producers, or buy in truckloads bringing you Low Cost Bulk Survival Food for any emergency. You can also buy cheap bulk food just to save on your normal grocery bill.
Cheapest Storage Food Prices!
Great quality survival food with 25 year shelf life and free shipping on all orders. We also have 72 hour kits. The low prices will be a shock. Check us out!
Ultimate Water Purifier: Use alcohol distiller! Instead of moonshine, you make 99.99% pure drinking water. The best water purifier you can get. You can drink water from a stagnant pond or roadside ditch. With an alcohol moonshine still, you can even drink ocean water! You can make your own, even though it may be cheaper to buy one.

Augason Farms Start your food storage one can at a time. Try it, love it. Food storage for you and your family. Buy from the manufacturer and save.
Relief Foods Emergency food supply at bargain prices. MRE meals only $1.33 per Serving. Wow! Get the best price on meats and fruits here too. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Wise Company Long-Term Food Kits Wise company is the grand-daddy of them all. Giant selection of quality food at a good price. Check out their website.
Emergency Ration Bars: Not home cooked meals, but will keep you alive. They do taste better than bugs and weeds. Keep some in your car and bug-out bag.
Nitro-Pak Preparedness: Number 1 for a reason! The most complete selection of preparedness and food storage products on the planet. Nitro-Pak is famous for good 72 hour kits.
Walmart Online: Free shipping to your door on $50 orders. Why burn gasoline going to the store? Order online! Some of the best bargains I have found. Like white rice 20-lbs for $8.98, 8-lbs dry pinto beans for $7.42, and beef stew 20oz cans $2 each. There is so much more. In the food department, search the brand "Great Value". You can also search for "dried".
Hoosier Hill Farm (on Amazon): Hard to find yummy additions to your food storage. Powdered cheese, butter, sour cream, eggs, and more.
Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: No GMO or hybrids here. You can take the seeds from your harvested vegetables and plant them the next season. Important: Start your seed stock-plie collection now! Store them in your fridge and they will last about forever.
Persimmon Fruit Tree: If you want to plant some fruit trees, make sure Persimmon is one of them. Persimmon fruit is high in Vitamin C just like oranges and lemons. Can't grow citrus fruit in the north! The persimmon is famous for keeping General Washington's troops alive through a bitter cold winter. The ultimate survival tree! My favorite is the Virginiana verity. Very hardy trees that can make fruit when 5 years old! The Japanese persimmon trees produce a higher yield.
Mr. Rebates - Cash-Back at over 2000 Stores! Buying survival gear and food storage can be costly. How would you like to get a rebate when you shop at stores like WalMart, Dollar General, Wise Foods, Target, Sears, Lowes, & Kmart? Some of the rebates are higher than 7%! Sign up for FREE!
EF Chlor Bulk Pack 100 Tablets: Each tablet will treat 5 to 6 gallons of water. Commercial version of the stuff the Army uses. Don't try anything else. Using other water purification tablets could make you sick. Click here for the small 10 pack.
Water Filtration Bottles: So portable! Water is almost everywhere, but not always safe to drink. Fresh water is bulky to carry. Pack an empty water filtration bottle, and drink from a stream or lake. Filter up to 100 Gallons Per Bottle! Note: Seychelle and Sawer make the best ones for the money.
Chest Freezer = Top Survival Tool Why spend so much time and money on canning vegetables? Plus canned veggies taste canned! Blanche raw vegetables for a few minutes, then put in meal size zip bags. Ready for the freezer. They taste so good when cooked. A chest freezer cost less than $6 per month to run. Use a 20w solar panel with a marine battery, plus 500w inverter and run it for free.
Rolled Oats Meal Stretcher Trick: Rolled oats (oatmeal) takes on the flavor of what you are cooking. If your chili recipe calls for two pounds of ground beef, use only one pound plus 4 cups of oats with 12 ounces water. Add the oats and water when your meat is about done, then let cook for 10 more minutes. Look at the savings; $3.49 vs $.65 per pound (4 cups oats+water). Oats are very good for you. This trick works for stews, burgoo, and mexican cooking too. Your family members might not even notice the oats. Don't use quick oatmeal! Buy Rolled Oats.
Buy Military MRE Food Rations, Meals Ready To Eat.
Bulk Spices - Save Up To 85% Buying Spices By The Pound!
Chili Powder Cumin Basil Garlic Powder Lemon Pepper Paprika Oregano
Crushed Red Pepper Cinnamon Sage Tumeric Ginger Bell Pepper Onion

Mountain House Meals: Not Army MREs. Taste so good. Value priced.
Over 100,000 Cookbooks!
Meat Grinder - Manual Hand Crank Type - Prepper Must have!
More Cheap Survival Food - Click Here

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For small items like soy sauce, spices, and canned goods, it is better to buy from your local grocery store. On items like canned pinto beans, salt, and tomato sauce, the prices are just as good locally, plus you save shipping. You can save more online buying MRE bulk rice bulk beans and bulk rolled oats in 50 pound bags. Military meals ready to eat wholesale MRE case lot Don't pay an extra $15 just for a plastic container. . Don't spend money on MRE rations, as they taste like crap. It is better to get commercial ready made meals instead of military MRE packs.

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