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Survival Make Electricity Portable Generator Hand Crank Exercise Bike Pedal Power Solar Generator
Power Generators: Choose from gasoline or diesel. Portable or stationary. If you heat your home with heating fuel oil, go with a diesel generator. Otherwise get a gas model as they are cheaper. Most major appliances use up to 1500 watts. If you will be running two major appliances at once (like a fridge plus a freezer), you will need at least an 3000 Watt generator. 4000 Watts is even better.
Portable Solar Generators: You can buy small solar generators just for charging a cell phone, or $100,000 units that need a trailer. What you get depends on your survival needs. The off grid solar generators for around $1000 are popular with preppers, as you can charge car batteries, run your computer, or watch televison. You bugout guys may want an inexpensive solar charger briefcase to keep your portable devices and laptop charged up. The solar briefcase is something James Bond would use for sure.
Buy Solar Panels & Kits: Cheapest prices. Pay near wholesale. Buying from a contractor could cost you twice as much! Solar hot water heaters too.
Wind Power Generator: It is all about location. If you live in the rocky mountains or the plain states, having a small windmill power generator makes good sense. Living anywhere on the coast, you get good wind too. To be effcient, you will need an 20 MPH breeze 50% of the time to make it pay. The trick is to combine wind and solar. On windy, stormy days, the windmill can pick up the slack when the solar is idle.
Volkswagen Beetle 12v Generator: 1967 and newer Bugs are 12 volts. You can find new and rebuilt VW generators for under $100. A VW generator does not take a lot of RPM or horsepower to run, but will kick out 30 amps. This is close to the same as $600 worth of solar panels. Perfect for a water wheel or homemade windmill. It is a good idea to get the VW voltage regulator too. Add 4 used car batteries and 1500 watt inverter then you will be set. Avoid automotive alternators as they take too many RPMs and power to run.
Pedal Power Exercise Bike Generator: This is the most powerful human powered electricity generator you can get. It puts out an amazing 300 watts! This is enough to charge an auto battery or watch television. Put one of these in a long term emergency bunker, and keep all of your devices charged-up. Watch TV while keeping in shape. The cost is not much more than a good exercise bike! Check back often, as they sell out fast.
Energy Independence with K-Tor: K-Tor is famous for their hand crank and pedal power generators. These manual electricity generators are perfect for charging laptops and other small portable devices. The prices are really good too. Made in USA!
Solar Lanterns: Every prepper should own at least two! What an awesome invention. Free light! Use the sun to charge, or put in front of your truck headlights for a few minutes.
Solar Yard Lights: You know those cheap solar yard lights you see people put along footpaths and driveways? Bring two or three of them in the house at night, and put them in a vase on your coffee table. You will be surprised how well they light up a room. This is free light folks! Better than burning candles!
Step By Step Guide To Wind And Solar Power. Do it yourself for hundreds of dollars, not thousands! This is the best guide there is for doing solar and wind electricity on-the-cheap. Plus, take advantage of the huge government energy rebates on your materials!
Solar Stirling Power Plant: A Solar Stirling generator is cheaper to build with higher power output compared to solar panels. Solar Stirling leaves wind power and solar panel systems in the dust. You can build a small unit for only $100. When you were a kid, did you ever start fires with a magnifying glass? Think what an 6 foot diameter magnifying glass can do!
Earth 4 Engery - Get 100% Off The Grid: Our video series and guide will hold your hand all the way through the process. In these super high quality videos you will look over my shoulder as I build a solar panel all on camera. Order now and get my bonus guide to making a wind power generator for less than $100.
Chest Freezer = Top Survival Tool Why spend so much time and money on canning vegetables? Plus canned veggies taste canned! Blanche raw vegetables for a few minutes, then put in meal size zip bags. Ready for the freezer. They taste so good when cooked. A chest freezer cost less than $6 per month to run. Use a 20w solar panel with a marine battery, plus 500w inverter and run it for free.

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