Survival Cooking and Heating Stay Warm Cook Your Food Heat Water

Survival Cooking and Heating

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Survival Cooking and Heating: Stay Warm. Cook Your Food. Heat & Boil Water.
Outdoor BBQ Grills: I bet you never thought of your BBQ grill as a survival tool. It is one of the best! Make sure to have extra tanks of propane! Even the cheaper charcoal grills can use wood. It would be best to have a gas grill and a charcoal grill. Beware & prepare! The smell of cooking food can bring uninvited guest!
Wood Stoves: Our ancestors used wood for heating and cooking for thousands of years. Most wood stoves can handle chunks of coal too. Pellet stoves are cheaper to operate than buying firewood. When you run out of pellets, you can burn corn or wood. Even a cheap Franklin or pot belly stove will provide good heat. If your home already has a fireplace, invest in some cooking tools for it.

For cooking with wood, check out antique kitchen stoves on your local Craigslist. Almost every home had one 75 years ago. There are thousands out there with prices as cheap as $200. We have one in the basement, vented through the window. Most are made to burn coal too. Great for cooking and heating water when the electric goes out.

Propane Heaters: Bottled propane will always be easy to find, unless things get really bad. Propane is one of the cleanest fuel types. Keep 2 or 3 full 20# bottles on hand and all will be fine. Fuel price is good for the amout of BTUs you get. Locally I pay about $16 with exchange. There are several types of propane gas heaters. Bottle top ones for open areas like a garage or cabin. Cabinet types for inside your house. The small buddy types are good for inside vehicles, bunkers, or tents. Note: Many salamander types take electricty to work.
Coleman Dual Fuel Camping Stoves: Great for cooking or keeping a space warm. Choose the dual fuel over the types that use the little propane tanks. The dual fuel stoves can run on gasoline, Coleman fuel, and even kerosene in a pinch. They could be made to work with Alcohol or Acetone too. If things get really bad, gasoline will still be the most easy to find of all the fuel types.
However, the propane camp stoves may be better for cooking inside a bunker, as they burn cleaner. Stock up on them little propane tanks, or buy a hose and adapter for your 20# tank.
Kerosene Portable Convection Heater: A hillbilly friend of mine had his mobile home gas furnace quit in the middle of winter. He purchased a portable kerosene heater and placed it in the center of his kitchen floor. You know what? He cut his heating cost over 85%! A full five gallon can of kerosene ($23 worth) lasted him all month! I was shocked that these kerosene heaters are so efficient. They put out tons of heat too. Even on the low setting, it kept his trailerhouse toasty when it was below freezing outside. Do not fill the heater while inside!
Sterno Stoves: and Alcohol Stoves: Both types are cheap and very portable. Perfect to keep in a bugout bag or backpack. The Sterno stoves are much cleaner and easy to use. You can find cans of Sterno in most grocery and sporting goods stores. Alcohol stoves may work better for long term bugout as they can run on good wiskey and vodka too. They run excellent on HEET gas line antifreeze also. Very efficient. You can cook many meals using only a pint of fuel. These small cooking stoves will take off the chill in a tent too.
Inexpensive Oil Lamps: Believe it or not, an oil lamp puts out more heat than it does light. An oil lamp will not keep you warm and toasty when it is freezing outside, however it could keep you alive. We are talking survival here! Oil lamps are very efficient, and a gallon of lamp oil could last months! Two lamps will keep a bedroom warm enough to get rid of the shivers. An added bonus is you have light! Oil lamps can be very romantic too. Make sure to get an extra wick for your lamp. Buy Lamp Oil
Survival Emergency Candles: These are not the sweet smelling candles you find in stores. They are not like birthday candles either. They are long burning and portable. They give off enough heat just to keep you alive in your freezing vehicle or tent. The light is an added extra bonus, so pack a book to read.
Coffee Can Paraffin Stove: If you were a boy scount, their is a chance you made one of these. Take a large coffee can and drill about a dozen 1/2 in holes all the way around near the top. Warm up some uncented candle wax (Paraffin) and fill the can 1/2 full. Now put a CLEAN white cotton sock in the middle of the can and hold it in place until the wax hardens. Now trim the sock so only 1 inch is sticking out of the wax. Now you have a huge freaking candle that will burn for 32+ hours and provide enough heat to keep a tent warm at sub zero. Paraffin is cheap!
Outdoor Cookware: You can never have too many pots and pans. Them dutch ovens are my favorite. Cook up a yummy rabbit stew. Also check out light weight portable mess kits for your bugout bag. There are some cheap crap mess kits out there. Spend a little extra and get a good one.
Heat Half Your House In The Winter For $40 Month: An old timer told me this trick, and it works only if you have an 230v electric stove in the kitchen. Fill a large deep pot full of water. Bring it to near boil, then turn the burner down to simmer. Place a box fan on a table and point it at the pot of water so it blows towards the living room. The fan on the low setting will push the heat througout your house bringing it to over 60 when it is 30 degrees outside. The bedrooms will be a little cold, so you will need extra blankets. If the bedrooms are too cold, an oil filled DeLonghi heater is cheap to operate. Save your furnace for when it gets really cold. You can do double duty, like cooking crabapples or beans. How much you will really save depends on electric rates and how well insulated your house is. You will need to add water to the pot every 4 hours. There is something magic going on here. Experts say you can't heat your house with only 900 watts, but we have been cutting our winter power bill in half for 6 years now.
Chest Freezer = Top Survival Tool Why spend so much time and money on canning vegetables? Plus canned veggies taste canned! Blanche raw vegetables for a few minutes, then put in meal size zip bags. Ready for the freezer. They taste so good when cooked. A chest freezer cost less than $6 per month to run. Use a 20w solar panel with a marine battery, plus 500w inverter and run it for free.
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Survival Cooking and Survival Heating: Stay Warm. Cook Your Food. Heat & Boil Water.

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