Emergency Survival Bunker Low Cost Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Room

Survival Bunker Cheap Tornado Storm Shelter

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Emergency Survival Bunker Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Room Tents Campers RVs Tarps
Survival Bunkers Low Cost Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Room: Listed for sale are survival bunkers, cheap tornado storm shelter, and safe rooms pre-made and ready to install. If you got the time and know-how, you can save money building an underground bunker yourself out of cinder blocks or cement. In the old days we would just bury a junk school bus. Used Shipping Containers make good bunkers too.
One of the cheapest I have seen was a Chevy Van buried into the side of a hill. You use the back doors for entry. It cost the guy $300 for the junk Chevy van, and $85 to dig the hole.
Popular! Check out the Swisher Above Ground safe rooms. They also give your family a safe place during a home invasion. Rated for F5 tornado!

Campers and Motorhomes: What better bugout vehicle can you get than a camper? In 4 hours you can get 200 miles away from the disaster at home. Keep your bugout vehicle packed up and ready to go! You got a place for your food, water, and survival supplies. You have a place to cook dinner and sleep too. Work vans, conversion vans, and minivans can work good too.
Enclosed Cargo Trailers: I bet you never thought of a cargo trailer as a survival too. Keep your food, water, and survival camping stuff in a cargo trailer. The best size I found is a 6x12 with a single axle. It is big enough to sleep in, plus haul your survival stuff. You can tow it with a 6 cylinder SUV or pickup. Even the smaller 5x8 trailer can be pulled with a minivan. During an emergency, hook-up and be on the road in minutes. The best thing is the stealth factor. It does not look like a camper!
Low Cost Tornado Storm Shelter
Camping Tents: It is better to buy several medium sized tents than one huge family tent. If you lived in one as a family for a week, you would know why. A good tent can really be a home. This is the most portable home you can get. You can even carry it on a horse or motorcycle. Avoid bright colors like red, orange, and yellow. You don't want a tent that will draw too much attention. Green, tan, and brown, are the best choices. My favorite color is camo!
Poly Tarps: If you need to make shelter out of a poly tarp, things must be really bad. You can make a tent with a tarp in just a few minutes. Poly tarps are very light weight and compact. They are cheap too. Great for your bugout bag. Don't forget the rope! Paracord or clothesline works perfect. If a blizzard is coming, building a lean-to over your tent will provide extra protection.
A Tarp makes a good roof for a dug-out shelter too. A dug-out or pit house is one of the best shelters as the earth works as insulation.
Chest Freezer = Top Survival Tool Why spend so much time and money on canning vegetables? Plus canned veggies taste canned! Blanche raw vegetables for a few minutes, then put in meal size zip bags. Ready for the freezer. They taste so good when cooked. A chest freezer cost less than $6 per month to run. Use a 20w solar panel with a marine battery, plus 500w inverter and run it for free.

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