Build bugout bag

Build Bug-out Bag

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First you have to ask "what reason will you need a bug-out bag?" Natural disaster? War breaking out? Could become homeless? Running from the law? Then you need to ask yourself "should I pack for short term or long term"?
The reason for a bug-out bag is; it is mobile. You can grab it and go when you only have seconds to spare.
First choose a Tactical Bag: They are not that expensive. Anything with a lot of compartments that is smaller than a full duffle bag. Messenger bags and backpacks work good too. It is a good idea for each member of your family to have their own bug-out bag ready.

Money: Carry at least $20 in your bag. Have some loose change for vending machines and pay-phones too. There could be a chance you never return home again. I see no problem with keeping your whole life savings in your bugout bag. Money is king when you are on the run. Credit cards and banks will be useless if there is no electricity.

Bottled Water: It is a good idea to have 2 of them. This way you will still have a full bottle when you are looking to refill the empty one. Having a water filtration bottle is even better; just in case the only water source is the river.

Food: You can live weeks without food, however you may not function well. Food is heavy. I would carry some emergency ration bars or snacks to keep you going until you can get a decent meal down the road. I like beef jerky and granola bars myself. If your trip could be more than a few days, pack some good MREs too.

Everything else: Bedding, shelter, extra clothes, and first aid are top priority. Fire starter, knives, gun, rope, and a solar charger are good too. What is important for you to pack, is up to you. See the list below.

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