Survival Bedding Cots Sleeping Bags Wool Blankets Mattress

Survival Cots Sleeping Bags Mattress

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Survival Bedding Cots Sleeping Bags Wool Blankets Mattress
Sleeping Bags: Advice for adults; get a large, double, or station wagon size sleeping bag. Those fashionable mummy bags are only fun for one night. It may be cheaper to buy two normal sleeping bags and zip them together. Putting a good blanket inside your sleeping bag, feels like it doubles the warmth.
Wool Blankets: Pound for pound you can't get much warmer. Look for thickness and quality. Most wool blankets have other materials like cotton or rayon blended to help with durability. Three military quality wool blankets will provide the warmth of a sleeping bag, but without the bulk. Popular for bed rolls.
Fleece Blankets: Fleece is second only to wool in warmth. Fleece feels so good against your skin. Wool blanket upper layer, and fleece lower layer could be the perfect combination. The hotel fleece blankets are the best, and a bargain too. (don't steal them!)
Emergency Space Blankets: These emergency space blankets provide just enough protection to keep you alive. You must be wearing clothes for them to work great. It is good to keep one in your glove box or emergency kit. Great blanket for taking to the ball game. A space blanket makes good shade from the desert sun too. Using about 15 feet of paracord, you can turn a Mylar space blanket into a hoodie jacket in only a minute!
Goose Down Mattress Topper: An 4 or 5 inch thick goose down mattress topper is warmer than any sleeping bag ever made when used as a blanket. It is warmth overkill and could keep you toasty at 25 degrees below zero. If you use one as a blanket, get one size bigger than your bed. You can roll up in a king size down topper like a burrito, and survive any deep freeze! You can use it for a mattress too.
Japanese Mattress: For a culture of people that sleep on the floor, you know their little narrow mattress has to be good. Great for bunks and campers too.
Folding Mattress: Comfortable, yet easy to fold-up and get out of the way. Great for sleeping on the ground, or use on a bunk.
Air Mattress: These are very comfy, but not good on a cold floor. Do not buy an air mattress with an electric powered pump. From my past personal experience, an air mattress has a very short life span. They may make goods ones now.
Camping Cots: The quality of cots varies a lot. Get a good one that will support more than your weight. A camping cot is not really all that comfortable for adults, but will keep you off the ground away from the snakes, scorpions, and spiders.
Futon Bed: Couch by day and comfortable sleeping bed at night. A good futon provides more comfort than roll-a-way beds or sleeper sofas. Great for RVs and large bunkers.
Chest Freezer = Top Survival Tool Why spend so much time and money on canning vegetables? Plus canned veggies taste canned! Blanche raw vegetables for a few minutes, then put in meal size zip bags. Ready for the freezer. They taste so good when cooked. A chest freezer cost less than $6 per month to run. Use a 20w solar panel with a marine battery, plus 500w inverter and run it for free.

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